The meanest town in the west takes on the vilest scum of the universe, in this insane arcade action rail shooter.  Coming soon to mobile and PC.

Using just a swipe of your finger (or possibly a mouse on PC), experience the frantic ‘fanning’ style shooting made famous in the wild west.  Take on a host of adversaries including outlaws, zombies, skeletons, werewolves, robots and cybernetically enhanced giant mutant brain spiders.  

Arm yourself to the teeth with shotguns, dynamite, bombs and an array of alien weapons and hold onto your hat as you leap from a galloping horse onto a zombie infested runaway steam locomotive, rattle at high speed through a mine blasting robots and aliens left right and centre, run through the bowels of an alien space station, defeat your nemesis and ride off into the sunset on the back of a heavily armed disgruntled T-REX!

Drawing inspiration from classic games such as ‘Operation Wolf’, ‘Bank Panic’ and ‘Mad Dog McCree’ and films such as ‘A fist full of dollars’, ‘Back to the future 3’, ‘The Thing, 1982’ and ‘Blazing Saddles’; Diablo Canyon is an unabashed tribute to the tropes generated by its forbears.

The Story

Canyon Diablo, Arizona is the most notorious town in the wild west, where extreme violence is considered an occupational hazard.  The first sheriff, sent to restore order, arrived in town at 3:00pm and was buried at 8:00pm.  Now there is a new sheriff in town . . . Sheriff Justice B. Serious!  And he couldn’t have arrived at a worse time.

A local mining team, has set up a mining operation in ‘Meteor Crater’ convinced that they can dig up a 100-million-ton iron meteorite, which will make them rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.  Except, that when they blast away the rock what they find is a crashed alien space station and the ship’s self-repair nano-bots start causing havoc with the local wild life, including those poor souls buried up at the Boot Hill Cemetery.

Press Contact: 

Name:  Dr John Kenny  Email: Mobile:  ++447825120946

Press Kit:  Includes:  Trailer, Hi-Res screen shots.